I am Mayank Nagpal

I am result oriented No-Coder & designer that believes in the power of
empathy, strategy & no-code.

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about me

Hey, I am Mayank Nagpal. I love turning complex problems into simple, beautiful & intuitive products. I am curious about learning different perspectives, & I value open feedback.

How Chess helps me in design?

During my childhood, I spent most of my time playing chess to understand opponent’s mindset, future proofing, strategy, figuring out near infinite possibilities, how to stick to your guns, to know when to resign and to know when to say checkmate. These all tricks work perfectly in Tech Industry.
When I’m not reading, pushing pixels or breaking things you’ll find me in social meet-ups, working out or watching movies.
I worship Jedi Master Yoda

things I do

I've helped people launch new ideas, improve existing products or even completely rethink them. Got a crazy idea? You're in for a ride!

Experience Design
Interface Design
Design Strategy

Design Sprint
NoCode Dev


No Code

Design Sprint


case studies

Design & No-code Dev (Webflow)
WebApp Design & Dev (Webflow)
iOS, WebApp Design
WebApp Design, No-code Dev (Webflow, Bubble)
Design Community
Design, No-code Dev (Webflow)
WebApp Design & Dev (React, React Native)

My clients

Mayank is one of the most amazing person I've ever met. His power of understanding the product and the user needs is really amazing.

Bikash Dash
CTO, LocoNav | Co-Founder, ReleaseLoop

When you have a domain like marketing, you want to have the best design person who is out there and this is when we ran into Mayank. We spent a lot of time understanding users and discovered multiple pain points that were not catered to. Mayank, helped transform those pain points into features and we have received a lot of appreciation.

Salil Kalia
CEO, TechCrumb & Performoo

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